Rwandan 60000 Student To Repeat Exam


Rwandan 60000 Student To Repeat Exam

The Rwandan government has announced that more than 60,000 students will be forced to repeat their studies after failing in their exams.

Of these, more than 44,000 students took their primary school leaving examinations, and the rest took their secondary exams.

Last year the country’s education authorities introduced a special policy to help increase student achievement, according to the New Times website.

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The country’s education minister said students who had questions would be helped, according to the policy.

“The next step”, according to Valentine Uwamariya, is “to monitor students and their schools, and in the future there will be a special program to help them, in collaboration with the Rwandan education board (REB), districts and schools”.

The decision sparked outrage especially on social media, with some people saying it was unfair.

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