NIT Joining Instruction 2021-2022

NIT NIT Joining Instruction 2021-2022

NIT Joining Instruction 2021-2022

The National Institute of Transport (NIT) is a public higher learning institution located on west of Dar-es-Salaam City, along Mabibo Road in Ubungo Light Industrial area; just about one kilometer off the Morogoro Road. NIT was established in 1975 as training wing of the then National Transport Corporation (NTC). NIT was charged with the responsibility of strengthening human resource capabilities of transport operatives and middle level managers of subsidiary companies of NTC. These subsidiary companies were: National Bus Services Limited (KAMATA), Usafiri Dar-as-Salaam Limited (UDA), Regional Transport Companies (RETCOs) etc.

In 1982, it was realized that there was need to have an Institute that will cover all modes of transport. The Institute expanded its area of activities and responsibilities. As a result, NIT was re–established through NIT Act No. 24 of 1982 as an autonomous Higher Learning Institution under the then Ministry of Communications and Works. It came into operation on 1st July, 1983 through the Government Notice No. 91. Currently, the Institute is under the Ministry of Transport. With legal status and the Governing Council was given a mandate to govern and administer the Institute.

NIT Joining Instruction 2021-2022

Please be informed that, you have been selected to join the National Institute of Transport (NIT) to pursue various programmes under Higher Education Student’s Loans scheme or Private Sponsorship. We wish you success in this challenging task as we warmly welcome you to the National Institute of Transport. You will pursue the programme identified in your letter of invitation to join the Institute.

The National Institute of Transport is located along Mabibo Road behind TANZANIA – CHINA TEXTILE MILL (URAFIKI) Company about 10 kilometers from the City Centre.

Your sponsor or guardian or yourself shall be responsible for your traveling expenses to and from NIT throughout your studies.

New students will only be admitted upon producing a satisfactory medical report of health fitness. You are therefore requested to undergo a medical examination by a registered and competent medical practitioner or from a Government Hospital before coming to the Institute. Medical Examination Forms are enclosed.

All first year students Under Private Sponsorship (other than those under Higher Education Students’ Loan Board (HESLB) Scheme must fill in and submit Student’s Sponsorship Declaration Forms before being registered.

On arrival, you are supposed to report to the Registrar’s office for registration after submission of the following:-
(a) Evidence of tuition and other fees payment
(b) The letter of invitation to join the Institute
(c) A duly filled Medical Examination Form
(d) Original Academic Certificates and certified Academic Transcripts where
it is applicable, including two copies of each Academic Certificates
(e) Original Birth Certificate with two copies
(f) Caution Money

It is a criminal offence to submit false or forged academic documents. Any student who will be discovered to have submitted forged certificates his/her registration to study at the Institute shall be revoked and the case shall be reported to the appropriate security bodies for legal action.

>> Students joining different programs have to be sponsored. Such sponsors Could either be their employers, Parent or Guardians, HESLB or Private. Paid fees are non- refundable. The fee structure is attached for guidance for appropriate planning and for your further action.
The fee structure shall be reviewed from time to time whenever the Institute finds it is necessary to do so. All students shall be notified in writing.

There is a Students’ Organization known as SONIT (Students’ Organization of the National Institute of Transport). This is an organ which coordinates and organizes all students’ welfare and social activities at the Institute.

All first year students are required to pay 20,000/= or 50USD (during registration) as caution Money. Caution money is refundable at the end of the programme provided the payee did not cause any loss or damage to the Institute’s property during the study period. Where the loss exceeds the caution money the student shall top up the difference.

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