New Job Opportunities at Yapı Merkezi Construction Tanzania, 2021

New Job Opportunities at Yapı Merkezi Construction Tanzania, 2021

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Yapı Merkezi is constructing the fastest railway in East Africa. The first phase of the 1,224 km total line, the 202 km long Dar Es Salaam – Morogoro Railway Project, is the most critical part of the project. When the 5-part line is completed, it will connect Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania, and provide access to the Indian Ocean for all related countries.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place on on April 12, 2017 at Pugu with the participation of HE Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli as President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Prof. Makame Mbarawa as Minister of Works, Transport and Communication, Mr. Yunus Belet as acting Ambassador of Republic of Turkey in Dar Es Salaam, Mr. Erdem Arıoğlu as Vice Chairman of Yapı Merkezi, Mr. Özge Arıoğlu as CEO of Yapı Merkezi, Mr. Emre Aykar as Yapı Merkezi Board Member and , Mr. Abdullah Kılıç as Yapı Merkezi East Africa Regional Manager.

New Job Opportunities at Yapı Merkezi Construction Tanzania, 2021
New Job Opportunities at Yapı Merkezi Construction Tanzania, 2021 2

All works pertaining to design, manufacture, assembly and operation startup of track superstructure, electrification, signaling, telecommunication, central control systems are being carried out by Yapı Merkezi

New Job Opportunities at Yapı Merkezi Construction Tanzania, 2021

Yapı Merkezi’s Job Vacancies are Listed below….
JOBS Opportunities that you’re required to Apply.

  1. Lowbed Truck Driver at Yapı Merkezi
  2. Lifting Technician & Engineer at Yapı Merkezi
  3. Auto Electrician at Yapı Merkezi
  4. Insurance and Logistic Clerk at Yapı Merkezi
  5. Roller Operator at Yapı Merkezi
  6. HSE Trainer at Yapı Merkezi
  7. HSE Engineer at Yapı Merkezi
  8. HSE Technician at Yapı Merkezi
  9. Electrical Engineer at Yapı Merkezi
  10. Civil Engineer at Yapı Merkezi
  11. Topographical Operator at Yapı Merkezi
  12. Panel Beater at Yapı Merkezi
  13. Heavy Vehicle/Equipment Mechanic at Yapı Merkezi
  14. Forklift Operator at Yapı Merkezi
  15. Bus/Mini Bus Driver at Yapı Merkezi
  16. Wheel Loader Operator at Yapı Merkezi
  17. Generator Technician at Yapı Merkezi
  18. Paramedic at Yapı Merkezi August
  19. Laboratory Technician at Yapı Merkezi
  20. QA/QC Technician at Yapı Merkezi
  21. Translator (English-Swahili to Turk¬ish) at Yapı Merkezi
  22. Warehouse Clerk at Yapı Merkezi
  23. Medical Doctor at Yapı Merkezi
  24. Light Vehicle Driver at Yapı Merkezi
  25. Roller Operator at Yapı Merkezi
  26. Trailer Driver at Yapı Merkezi
  27. Steel Fixer (Rebar Worker) at Yapı Merkezi
  28. Dump-truck Driver at Yapı Merkezi
  29. Bulldozer/Dozer Operator at Yapı Merkezi
  30. Excavator Operator at Yapı Merkezi
  31. Painter at Yapı Merkezi
  32. Mini Bobcat Operator at Yapı Merkezi
  33. Tyreman at Yapı Merkezi
  34. Shuttering Carpenter (Form Worker) at Yapı Merkezi
  35. Gypsum Plaster Worker at Yapı Merkezi
  36. Fumigation Worker at Yapı Merkezi
  37. Plasterer at Yapı Merkezi
  38. Mason at Yapı Merkezi
  39. Backhoe Loader Operator at Yapı Merkezi

1.The job vacancy You are applying for
2.Religible phone number of the applicant
3.Real Resident Area
4. The level of education and work experience of the applicant
5. At least two names of sponsors and their phone numbers


Please send your CV only without attaching a certificate or other letters, Certificates and other letters will be requested once the CV has been reviewed.
Please send your application via Email to: [email protected].

Only your CV must be shared with us
Do not attach any application letters or education diplomas or certificates.
These documents will be requested once your application will be shortlisted


Yapi Merkezi does not work with any recruitment company or individual recruiters!
Yapi Merkezi does not charge or collect any amount for job application or employment! Take precautions and report to the relevant authorities about any illegal activity regarding employment!

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