Job Opportunity At Nzega District council, 2021

Job Opportunity At Nzega District council, 2021

Nzega Rural District is one of the districts of Tabora Region in Tanzania with postcode number 454. In the 2012 census, the population of the district was estimated to be 502,252

In 2014 the Nzega urban areas were set aside by the district and secured a special council.

Nzega Area
It is bordered by Kahama district (Shinyanga) in the northwest, Tabora urban district in the south and Igunga district in the east.

The district has an area of 9,226 km2 and most of it is fertile land suitable for agriculture. It receives 9,000 millimeters of rain a year.

Most of the area is forested with about 15,000 m3 of timber, charcoal and wood. There are rivers that breed fish and 13 rivers. The most important river is the Igombe River which crosses the whole district.

Job Opportunity At Nzega District council, 2021

The residents of the district are mainly Nyamwezi and Sukuma who are mostly Tutsis and Nyiramba. Other groups are Arabs and Chagga who are considered foreigners.

The main religions are Christians, Muslims and adherents of traditional religions. Christians are mainly Catholics and Pentecostals. A large percentage of the rural population is adherents of traditional religions.

Job Opportunity At Nzega District council, 2021

Application for the job Opportunity At Nzega District council are open for Tanzanian to send their Application to fill available post as shown below.

EMPLOYERHalmashauri ya Wilaya ya Nzega (NZEGA DC)
APPLICATION TIMELINE:2021-06-07 2021–06-20

For more information Visit official webage to Apply CLICK HERE 

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