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How to Repay your Loan in HELB | HELB Loan Repayment

How to Repay your Loan in HELB | HELB Loan Repayment

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All loanees are required to start repayment after a period of one year on completion of studies, or within such a period as the Board may decide to recall the loan whichever is the earlier (Section 15 HELB Act). Paying the higher education loans at an early age reduces an individual’s financial burden in midlife when one is bringing up a family, paying a mortgage as well as planning for retirement. Among other advantages of paying the loans include; reduction of the number of loans that an individual has hence avoid being blacklisted with the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) hence one can easily get a bank loan.

Jielimishe Loans (for salaried students)
Jielimishe Loans are due for repayment immediately upon disbursement. Successful applicants shall be notified via e-mail. For any queries on Alternative loans, please fill in the Loan Recovery Enquiry form. Learn More about Jielimishe Loans here

How to Repay your Loan in HELB | HELB Loan Repayment
How to Repay your Loan in HELB | HELB Loan Repayment 2

How to Repay your Loan in HELB | HELB Loan Repayment

HELB Loan Repayment, HELB offers various loan repayment methods as follows:

Local Repayment Methods

Mobile Payment Services: M-PESA

Using M-PESA (Safaricom) Money Transfer:

  • Select pay bill option
  • Enter HELB business number as 200800
  • Enter your national ID number as your account number
  • Enter amount you want to pay
  • Enter your secret PIN number
  • Confirm transaction and send

Note: The transaction reflects in your statement immediately after the transaction.

Using M-PESA (Safaricom) Money Transfer for Employers

  • Upload the remittance schedule
  • Generate the E-Slip
  • Go to the M-PESA menu and click on Lipa na M-PESA, then Paybill
  • Enter 200800 as the business number
  • For the account details, enter the generated E-Slip number as the account number
  • Enter your PIN number
  • You will receive a confirmation message for payment

Note: The transaction will reflect in the employer statement and posted to individual loanee statements.

Bank Deposit

All payments are payable to Higher Education Loans Board, by crossed cheque, bankers draft, direct transfer/standing order/EFT or cash deposit to HELB collection A/C in any of the following banks:

Bank NameAccount No.BranchElectronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Swift Code
Citibank300 040 012NairobiCITIKENA
Co-operative Bank011290 612 228 00University-wayKCOOKENA
Absa Bank077 501 8216Barclays PlazaBARCKENX
KCB Bank1103 266 314University-wayKCBLKENX
Standard Chartered Bank010 801 826 4700Koinange streetSCBLKENX
Equity Bank055 029 357 3408Equity CenterEQBLKENA
National Bank of Kenya01001060391100Harambee AvenueNBKEKENX
Family Bank035 000 024 971Family Bank TowersFABLKENAXXX
SBM0332084215001Delta HouseCKENKENAXXX
Kingdom Bank11748527001Koinange streetCIFIKENAXXX

Credit Card or Debit (ATM) Card

Give authority to HELB to make monthly debits or lump-sum payments directly from your bank account or credit card. This is done by signing the CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM (CCA) and forwarding the same to HELB. VISA branded credit cards or debit (ATM) cards can also be swiped at HELB offices.

Diaspora Repayment Methods

  • You can make payments instantly from the US and Canada through Wave via KCB Account Number 1103266314,
  • Go to www.sendwave.com to update/download the app and then make transfers immediately,
  • Please forward the wave email notification as well as your ID NUMBER to [email protected]
 World Remit

How to pay HELB using World Remit from diaspora:

  • Log in to www.worldremit.com
  • Select the ‘Bank Deposit’ service from the blue ‘Send to’ box on this page
  • Choose whether to make the transfer to a Kenyan shilling (KES) or US dollar (USD) account
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer
  • We’ll show you the highly competitive exchange rate you’ll receive and any fees upfront
  • Enter recipient’s details KCB ACCOUNT NUMBER 1103266314
  • Pay online using a credit or debit card
  • Use your ID number as the reference
  • You and your recipient will receive SMS and email notification once the transfer is complete
  • Forward the email notification to [email protected]

Online Payment via HELB Payment Portal

  • You can now pay your HELB loan online. To make your payment:
  • Register an account with HELB online portal, if you already have an account, please log in.
  • Once logged in, click on Online Services > Online Payment menu.
  • Enter your National ID number as your account number
  • Enter the amount you are paying and click Pay Now
  • A payment acknowledgement will be issued once the payment is successful
  • HELB will issue an official receipt for the payment

For More information visit official website Click here



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